Каска за мотор Suomy SR Sport Gamble размер L

659.00 лв.

Марка: Suomy

Модел: SR Sport Gamble 

Състояние: Нова


SR SPORT, the super racing helmet of SUOMY, fiber , has been studied in details as regards inner comfort, technology, reliability and safety both for professionist riders or riders for passion.

  • Shell in TRICARBOCO materials, realized in two sizes (M and L) , fabric mix of Kevlar, carbon and fiber, joint by resin. 
  • Inner polystyrene in 2 sizes (M and L) in order to offer the best fitting with different density according to the size. It has channels studied in wind tunnel.
  • Visor thermoformed from a polycarbonate flat sheet. Antifog and antiscratch treatment.
  • Homologations ECE 22-05
  • CHEEK PADS completely removable and washable, in different thicknesses for a complete customization of the product.
  • INTERNAL SHELL completely removable and washable, in different thicknesses for a complete customization of the product. 
  • The internal removable shell has been studied for an uniform stand on the head. 
  • The visible channels allow the air flow to check the temperature in teh internal part of teh helmet and to let off the hot air through the back part. 
  • INNER (cheek pads and inner liner) are completely in fabric COOLMAX® ACTIVE with treatment INTERPOWER:
  • Wicks sweat away from the body.
  • Keeps the user fresh, dry and comfortable.
  • Lightweight, soft and breathable fabric.
  • Performance verified and certified by ADVANSA.


  • The innovative rear air intake on the SR SPORT has been designed to further improve ventilation inside the helmet, using residual air flows that, again thanks to the Venturi effect, are able to generate a depression in the lower part of the helmet, in this way ensuring a substantial extraction of the hot air inside it, consequently maintaining a comfortable temperature even at the back of the head (neck).




  • The ventilation system of SR SPORT, together with the special shape of the internal shell , optimize the outside and inside flows. 
  • Fed by inside air ventilation and using the Venturi effect, they optimize the internal ventilation.
  • The back spoiler has been studied to reduce the helmet vibration. 
  • This grants an uniform diffusion of the air flow in the internal part of the shell.